Souvenir "Cock a white belly with a sign"

Souvenir "Cock a white belly with a sign"
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The symbol of the year is a cockerel. He is a trowel for happiness. He will bring good luck to the house. He will solve a difficult task.

The Red Rooster is a symbol of 2017, which must be a conductor of happiness, good luck and prosperity in every home.

If you are once again tormented with the choice of a gift, then our small souvenirs will come to your aid! They will be a great addition to any interior. Such a figure will add a drop of heat to any working corner and leave only pleasant memories. After all, sometimes it’s enough to look at a cute souvenir to make him smile.

Color Colorful
Country China
Height, cm 9
In box Count
Material Ceramics
Package size 9 cm × 9 cm × 9 cm
Per package from 2 Count
Structure Ceramics

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