Souvenir "chick in the shell" (set 6 PCs)

Not available Souvenir "chick in the shell" (set 6 PCs)
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Every year, together with spring, a bright and good holiday comes to our house - Easter. Preparations for this day begin in advance: you need to bake cakes, paint eggs, make a festive menu, clean the house and decorate it for the holiday.

Do not forget about Easter attributes, they will bring good luck on this bright day. Souvenir "chick in the shell" (set 6 PCs) is a symbol of a good family, protected by love and the birth of something new. Hurry up, order Easter souvenirs and decor in bulk at great prices right now in the Sima Land online store.

Country China
In box set
Material Textiles
Package size 6 cm × 6 cm × 4 cm
Per package from 1 set
Structure Foam, plastic, textiles

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