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Souvenir "Ballerina", 4 lenses.

Not available Souvenir
  • $30.92

Swarovski is an Austrian company that has become famous for its exclusive crystals. More than 100 years ago, Daniel Swarovski was able to improve the chemical formula of crystal and developed a technology for its cutting. Thanks to the opening, glass rhinestones sparkled brighter than diamonds, bewitching with its beauty. There are still no gemstones like these around the world. The unique formula is kept secret and is being improved all the time. Swarovski crystals are not just rhinestones, they are a symbol of luxury and good taste.

So that the products do not lose their shine, follow the tips :.

  • Do not store in a room with high humidity.
  • Avoid getting perfumes or other chemicals.
  • Wipe the rhinestones periodically with a piece of soft cloth.
  • When cleaning, do not use glass detergents, powders, or detergents.
  • Attributes
    Color Gold
    Country China
    Height, cm 12
    In box Count
    Material Metal
    Package size 5 cm × 5 cm × 12 cm
    Per package from 1 Count
    Rosscup Yes
    Shape of the figure Ballerina
    Structure Metal, glass
    Warehouse CVU 1

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