Soft toy "Barney's Bear", color beige, 105 cm.

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  • Brand: Three bears
  • Product Code: 1206934
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  • $72.99

"Barney Bear" conquers the hearts of adults and children. This wonderful gift conveys warmth, tenderness and love.

A shaggy bear with a cute face and bead eyes will become a faithful companion to your child. You can entrust your secrets and dreams to a plush friend, he will never talk about them. Together, friends will go through all stages of growing up. Teddy bear will always remind you of the bright moments of a carefree childhood, so adults will also appreciate such a gift.

This soft toy is made of environmentally friendly, tested materials, pleasant to the touch: faux fur and synthetic winterizer.

Age 3 years
Color Beige
Country Russia
Features Without features
Height, cm 105
In box Count
Material Sintepon
Package size 105 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Faux fur, sintepon
Trademark Три мишки
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Warehouse CVU 2

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