Slug on a stick "Strawberry", handle length 40 cm, MIX

Slug on a stick "Strawberry", handle length 40 cm, MIX
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If the baby is already a year old and he is actively learning to walk, give him a bright gurney on a stick in the form of a dragonfly! The baby will be fascinated by the colorful flowers, the movement of the wings of the insect and will try to catch up with the toy, forgetting about the walking process. So he will get used to it much faster and start running. Younger children are best kept and controlled. Embossed elements on the model contribute to the development of fine motor skills and tactile sensations.

The product is made of non-toxic plastic and can be used by children from 1 year.

Age Than 1 year
Country China
Directory of VB Yes
For anyone Unisex
In box Count
Material Plastic
Package size 23.5 cm × 16 cm × 50 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Plastic
View winders On a stick
Warehouse CVU 2

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