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Sky lantern "Russia, forward!", tricolor

Not available Sky lantern "Russia, forward!", tricolor
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The flashlight acts on the principle of a balloon. The voluminous structure is made of rice paper soaked in an anti-combustible mixture. In the lower part of the dome, a candle-burner is fixed on the wire. It warms the air inside the flashlight, lifts it up and effectively illuminates from the inside, creating a mysterious halo.

The duration of the flight is about 20 minutes - during this time the paper flashlight rises to a height of 200 meters.

With the help of a sky lantern, you can brightly complete any significant event in the life of your country. Whether it’s the day of your beloved city or the victory of the team for which you supported, or a significant holiday for your homeland, any event will become memorable with such a festive artibut.

Color Tricolor
Country China
In box Count
Material Wax
Package size 80 cm
Per package from 10 Count
Structure Paper, wax
Theme of the party The Day Of Russia
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2

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