Ski paraffin red t ° C (0 + 6 ° C), weight 80g.

Ski paraffin red t ° C (0 + 6 ° C), weight 80g.
  • Brand: Sprint
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Temperature range: 0 to + 6 ° C.

Color: red.

Paraffin is suitable for lubricating the bow and heel of the ski and provides you with high-quality glide on soft and frozen snow. Consists of natural ingredients. Significantly save your budget due to economical application and low cost. Recommended for use with plastic skis complete with grease hold. If you prefer skating, grease the entire length of the sliding surface with paraffin.

Country Russia
In box Count
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Paraffin
Temperature mode От 0°C до +6°C
Trademark Sprint
Warehouse CVU 2

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