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Skewers for canapes Note, set 24 PCs.

Skewers for canapes Note, set 24 PCs.
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Let the holiday be bright !.

An ideal festive table is not only delicious dishes, but also a special serving that encourages you to come to the table and try something tasty.

Skewers for canapes Note, set 24 PCs. Ideal for classic canapes, as well as for the design of salads, candy bars, or even drinks. With such accessories, treats will look even more appetizing.

Dishes on bright unusual skewers will perfectly complement any holiday, whether it be a birthday, a party or a formal reception. They will create a special atmosphere and decorate any table. Guests will fill in the original decorated goodies for a long time.

Color MIX
Country China
In box set
In the set pieces. 24
Length cm 8.5
Material Plastic
Package size 10 cm × 9 cm × 0.5 cm
Per package from 12 set
Structure Plastic
Theme of the party Professional holidays
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2
xml-generator-id 47

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