Single-channel air compressor (1channel 3,5l / m) 3,5W.

Single-channel air compressor (1channel 3,5l / m) 3,5W.
  • Brand: Barbus
  • Product Code: 1228165
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A single-channel compressor with a regulator enriches the water in the aquarium with oxygen through a spray gun. It has compact dimensions and low noise. It has a decent level of performance and a high degree of reliability. It is characterized by a long service life.

Attention! The compressor must always be installed above the water level in the aquarium! Otherwise, after being turned off from the mains, the compressor may be flooded with water through the air hose, and upon subsequent activation it will be disabled. There is a danger of electric shock. The compressor must be protected against water ingress. Designed for aquariums up to 100 l.

Power - 3.5 watts.

Productivity - 3.5 l / min.

Frequency - 50/60 Hz.

Voltage - 220/240 V.

Adjustable No
Aquarium l 100
Country China
In box Count
Number of output channels 1
Per package from 1 Count
Power, W 4
Productivity, l/h 210
Rosscup Yes
Structure Plastic
Trademark Barbus
Warehouse CVU 5

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