Set of vocabulatory "Husband and wife", 7 items

Not available Set of vocabulatory "Husband and wife", 7 items
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Want to make the holiday bright and unforgettable? Set of vocabulatory "Husband and wife", 7 items - an indispensable assistant in this matter. It includes 7 bright themed items on a wooden leg that will transform you beyond recognition. Have you long wanted to feel like a brutal man? The time has come!.

  • mustache,.
  • pince-nez.
  • ring,.
  • heart with the inscription - 2 pcs.,.
  • glasses.
  • lips.

Play skits, take original photos or just fool around - a fun holiday and a great time are guaranteed.

Packed in a bag with an exclusive gift pad.

Country China
For anyone Unisex
In box set
In the set pieces. 7
Material Cardboard
Package size 30 cm × 21.5 cm × 0.5 cm
Packing Package
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
Structure Cardboard
Theme of the party Wedding
Trademark Country Carnival
View Vocabulatory on a stick
Warehouse CVU 1

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