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Set of curly punch in the chest, with holder

Not available Set of curly punch in the chest, with holder
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It’s good when there are such wonderful items for creativity as this set of curly punch in the chest, with holder. This wonderful set includes 36 kids-punchers of their d = 0.8 cm and a special assistant-holder. With the help of these little ones, you can easily make as much confetti as you like. One has only to make a few taps, when suddenly many, many small figures appear in the case with the drive.

Recommendations: in order to ensure a smooth, even course of the punch holes, you should compost the baking paper several times, and if it is a little dull, just do the same with the foil. Then work out the hole punch several times on plain paper so that it does not leave traces of oil or dirt. And yet, it is not recommended to use paper with a density of more than 160g / m2.

Country China
Directory of VB Yes
In box set
Package size 4 cm × 26 cm × 20 cm
Per package from 1 set
Structure Metal, plastic
Themes Patterns
View of the hole punch Point (modular)
Warehouse CVU 3

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