Set of 4 plungers pastry,5x5 cm Butterfly, 3 PCs

-8% Set of 4 plungers pastry,5x5 cm Butterfly, 3 PCs
  • Brand: Dolyana
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Confectionery plungers are needed to make food mastic decorations.

How to use them ?.

  • Mash the mastic to an elastic state.
  • Roll the mastic as thin as possible.
  • Pressing on the plunger, cut down the mastic of the desired shape.
  • While the mastic is in the cutter, slide your finger along the base of the plunger and remove the excess.
  • Push the plunger so that the workpiece falls out of it.
  • To prevent mastic from sticking to the plunger, lubricate its surface with vegetable oil or use starch.

    Imagine and create new!

    Country China
    In box set
    In the set pieces. 3
    Material Plastic
    Package size 6 cm × 5 cm
    Per package from 1 set
    Set Yes
    Structure Plastic
    Trademark Dolyana

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