Set for jelly "Flower" 3 pcs. (d = 17.5 cm, h = 5.7 cm) green, 700 l.

Set for jelly
  • Brand: Pskov Potter
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Set for jelly "Flower" 3 pcs. (d = 17.5 cm, h = 5.7 cm) green, 700 l will be your universal assistant! It is convenient not only for storing jellied meat, but also for salads, as well as various snacks. The set prevents airing and preserves the attractive appearance of the dish. You can cook directly in it: special ceramics are suitable for use in a microwave, oven, Russian oven or grill.

Thickened walls retain heat longer, so you can not worry that the dish will quickly cool. Thanks to the special design, items from the set can be stably placed on top of each other, which will significantly save space in a cabinet or refrigerator.

Nice colors and a neat pattern will delight the eye with every use. Due to the clay structure, any dish prepared using dishes from the Pskov Potter will be as tasty as possible and will retain all its useful qualities.

Can be used in a microwave ovenYes
Can be washed in the dishwasherYes
Diameter, cm18
In boxset
In the set pieces.3
Number of persons3
Package size18 cm × 18 cm × 17 cm
Per packagefrom 1 set
TrademarkПсковский гончар
WarehouseKiu 10

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