Set doctor "Good doctor", 21 item

-41% Set doctor "Good doctor", 21 item
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Does the child like to play "doctors"? Give him a set of toy medical instruments.

All elements are made exclusively of high-quality materials, they look very interesting, so the baby will be pleased to play with them.

With this set of crumbs, not only diversifies your leisure time, but also learns a lot of new things. With these wonderful tools, he will be happy to treat his favorite toys.

Recruiting a doctor promotes the development of imagination, logic, attention, skills to build a game, helps to better understand the profession of a doctor, and teaches you to take care.

A child will appreciate such a wonderful gift, and who knows, perhaps in the future your own doctor will appear in your family!

Age 3 years
Country China
In box set
Package size 18 cm × 6 cm × 15 cm
Packing Plastic bag
Per package from 1 set
Structure Plastic
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