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Serpentine "balloons" (set of 9 coils)

Serpentine "balloons" (set of 9 coils)
  • $6.89
This product has a minimum quantity of 12

Serpentine is an indispensable attribute of any celebration. Such an accessory will be a great end to a congratulation or performance: just toss a bright ball up and the shiny ribbon will unravel in the air and spin into a spiral. Such strips are capable of unrecognizable transform any room. Hang them on the chandelier, decorate the Christmas tree, fasten it on the curtains, and you will see how everything around will sparkle with new colors.

Country China
In box set
Material Paper
Package size 3.5 cm × 3.5 cm × 14.4 cm
Per package by 12 set
Structure Paper
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2

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