Screen splash with knob d=21 cm

Screen splash with knob d=21 cm
  • Brand: Dolyana
  • Product Code: 118038
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  • $9.95

The spray screen is a simple and effective device that will save you from splashing oil and grease when frying in an open pan.

Unlike a regular lid, the mesh screen allows air to pass through perfectly, which means it provides a complete frying mode. Crisp lovers will certainly enjoy it.

Cook steaks, chops, fried potatoes and other delicious dishes without the tedious cleaning of the kitchen with spray lid screens!

Color Grey
Country China
Diameter, cm 21
In box Count
Material Stainless steel
Package size 33.5 cm × 21 cm × 0.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Metal, plastic
Trademark Dolyana

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