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Scores and numbers in wooden box, item 74

Not available Scores and numbers in wooden box, item 74
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When teaching children an account it is very useful to use beautiful, vibrant and multifunctional kits. It is very difficult for a child to think abstractly. An account using objects is much more understandable for a child and facilitates the learning process.

The set consists of numbers, signs and elements with a printed image. All parts are compactly folded into a box with a lid in the form of bills. The kit can be taken with you on the road or on a visit, and deal with the crumbs out of the house.

With the help of a useful chest, the child will quickly learn to count and solve simple mathematical examples. Each element is painted in a specific shade, which will help the baby to quickly master the basic colors of the rainbow.

Scores and numbers in wooden box, item 74 will help develop imagination, logical thinking, visual perception, fine motor skills.

Country China
In box Count
In the set pieces. 74
Material Tree
Natural wood Yes
Package size 5 cm × 19 cm × 11.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Tree
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Warehouse CVU 2
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