School backpack, zip closure, black.

-45% Not available School backpack, zip closure, black.
  • Brand: Andromeda
  • Product Code: 1230132
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A roomy school backpack, a zipped section, black is a godsend for those who prefer to travel light. It will come in handy during a walk or on the way to a sports lesson. The backpack will be a great everyday companion thanks to its versatile design. The main trend of next year will help you look modern and be in the “theme” of the latest fashion trends.

Additional characteristics:.
  • 1 department with a zipper;.
  • patch pocket inside the main department;.
  • lightweight design;.
  • 2 wide shoulder straps.
Age 5-11 class
Color Black
Country Russia
Features of backpacks Soft back
For anyone For girls
In box Count
Material Textiles
Package size 36 cm × 42 cm × 15 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Textiles
Trademark Andromeda
Warehouse CVU 4

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