Scenery for the aquarium "Amphora with a tree."

Scenery for the aquarium
  • $24.04

Such an aquadecor will help you design an aquarium or a terrarium and become a home for its inhabitants. The product is made of environmentally friendly material, therefore it is safe for fish and plants.

The grotto is quite weighty, so it can be positioned without additional fixation.

The decoration is resistant to temperature and is suitable for fresh and sea water. The product has many holes in which small fish can hide.

Country Ukraine
Height, cm 16
In box Count
Length cm 10
Material Ceramics
Package size 10 cm × 17 cm × 16 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Shape of the figure Other
Structure Ceramics
Trademark Керамика ручной работы
Warehouse Kiu 10
Width, cm 17

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