Sandals of birch bark, R-R 38-40

Sandals of birch bark, R-R 38-40
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Birch bark is the top layer of birch bark. From time immemorial, people have known and appreciated the healing properties of birch bark.

No wonder birch is called a warm tree. Even in a cold room, birch bark remains warm, as it has great positive energy. It is enough to look at it for a while, hold it in your hands, and you will immediately calm down if you were excited about something. In Russia they said that birch takes away pain and gives health.

Do you know that there are reflex zones on the foot that are “responsible” for all organs and systems? When exposed to them, impulses are transmitted to the brain. The benefits of bast shoes are based on this. Putting on these shoes, a person receives a restorative massage.

Walking in bast shoes improves blood circulation, prevents the formation of “spurs”, increases the general tone of the body, gives a good effect on calluses, skin cracks and diaper rash, perfectly relieves fatigue, muscle pain and swelling of the legs.

And another important point - contact with natural material transfers the internal energy of nature. And this, of course, favorably affects the psychophysical state.

Country Russia
In box pair
Material Tree
Per package from 1 pair
Rosscup Yes
Structure Elm
Warehouse CVU 1

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