Safe-the book of silk, "the ballad of Sadko"

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“If you want to hide something, put it in a prominent place,” reads the wisdom of the people. That is why this small safe is disguised as. a book! In it you can store what seems personal enough and that you are not used to showing to outsiders. These may be old letters that you re-read from time to time, photographs evoking precious memories, or other items that are important to you. Put them in a safe, lock them, put them on a bookshelf or bookcase and make sure that this secret box is original: it will be in a conspicuous place and will not attract attention to itself.

Coating Artificial silk
Color Colorful
Country China
Division inside the box No
Features box With a lock
Form Rectangular
Height, cm 21
In box Count
Material Artificial silk
Package size 5 cm × 13 cm × 21 cm
Packing A cardboard box
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Tree, artificial silk, metal
Symbol of the year There is no symbol of the year
Theme of the party For no reason
Themes Tales
Tree view Plywood

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