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Russian fairy tales.

Not available Russian fairy tales.
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The book includes the most famous Russian fairy tales: “Marya Morevna”, “The Magic Ring”, “Go there - I don’t know where, bring that - I don’t know what”, “Sea Tsar and Vasilisa the Wise”, “Ivan Bykovich and Wonder Yudo "," Nikita Kozhemyak "," The Firebird and Vasilisa Tsarevna "," The Frog Princess. " Bright illustrations on every page. Large font. The texts of fairy tales are adapted for children from 3 to 5 years. Artist - V. Nechitailo.
Age 3 years
Country Russia
In box Count
Number of pages 128
Package size 1 cm × 20 cm × 25 cm
Per package from 10 Count
Set No
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark Rosman
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