Robot RC "Cosmobot", light and sound effects

Robot RC "Cosmobot", light and sound effects
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The Cosmobot robot will give positive emotions to your child. Expressive eyes glow brightly with red dots. The robot has no equal, it moves in all directions and amusingly waves its hands.

The Cosmobot reproduces rhythmic melodies and dances to them, speaks and knows a large number of phrases.

Additional features Glowing
Age 3 years
Country China
For anyone For a boy
Form Classic robot
In box Count
Material Plastic
Movement type Radio control
Number of batteries 6
Package size 10 cm × 7 cm × 22 cm
Packing Box
Per package from 1 Count
Robotics No
Size batteries AA
Structure Plastic
Type of food From batteries
Type of remote control power From batteries
Warehouse CVU 2

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