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Registered icon "Martyr Vadim Persian", protects Vadimom

Registered icon "Martyr Vadim Persian", protects Vadimom
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Registered icon "Martyr Vadim Persian", protects Vadimom - made of quality wood with an openwork pattern, printed on paper pasted. The miniature size of the icon allows you to conveniently carry it with you. The blister pack is marked with a prayer to his heavenly patron.


Nominal icons are icons that depict a saint in whose honor they gave you a name. Such icons have long been revered in Russia. Each believer had an icon depicting his saint, because such icons helped a person throughout his life. And when young children were baptized, then the parents hung a name icon over the manger. The image of the saint often became associated with the Guardian Angel. Therefore, now the name day (memorial day of the saint in whose honor a person is named) is called Angel Day.

How to understand which saint is your heavenly helper? During baptism, the priest names the person to be baptized, there is even a special rite of "name-giving." But if you are baptized in childhood and there are no witnesses who know who your patron saint is? Then the saint in whose honor you should celebrate your name day is that namesake saint whose celebration is closest to your birthday.

Personalized icons are a very valuable gift. After all, this is not just a picture, but a look that brings a person closer to a saint, his patron saint, who invokes God's mercy through his prayers.

Country China
Height, cm 7
Icons Yes
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 0.5 cm × 5 cm × 7 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Saints Vadim Persian
Structure Tree
Triptych No
Warehouse Kiu 11
Width, cm 5

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