Pyramid "Tot", 7 rings

Pyramid "Tot", 7 rings
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Over the years, the pyramid remains one of the first crumb toys. And this is not accidental, because with its help the baby begins to distinguish between the concepts “big - small”, “high - low”; recognizes the names of colors and learns to correlate the sizes of elements.

Watching the child string the rings on the vertical axis, parents will be able to determine :.
  • which hand is the lead and which one just holds the details;.
  • how developed is the coordination of movements.

The pyramid consists of 7 rings, a bright toy with a funny muzzle, which completes the design, is installed on top. The bright attractive design of the toy from TM "Baby I" will surely appeal to the peanut.

The product is made of durable non-toxic plastic, harmless to the health of the child. Recommended for use by children from 6 months.

Age From 6 months
Country China
In box Count
Material Plastic
Number of elements 8
Package size 11 cm × 11 cm × 23 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Skills development Shapes, colors
Structure Plastic
View of the pyramids Classic
Warehouse CVU 2
xml-generator-id 1

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