Punch hole notched for edge cutting 4,7h1,9 cm "Bush" MIX

Not available Punch hole notched for edge cutting 4,7h1,9 cm "Bush" MIX
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Figured hole punch is a real find for those who are engaged in scrapbooking, which is popular today. Like a standard office hole punch, it makes holes in paper, but not ordinary round ones, but of a special shape. Certain types of figured hole punchers process paper differently: using ordinary ones, you can cut out different elements: flowers, cars, boats, and many, many others. Thanks to the hole punch for the edge, you can quickly and evenly knock out the pattern along the edge of the paper sheet or curly cut the sheet around the perimeter. Finally, hole punchers for a corner will help give the corners of the sheet a more original shape or make them patterned. With the help of a figured hole punch, you can effectively decorate all kinds of crafts, holiday cards, gift wrapping and many other very different products. In addition, paper patterns and elements - leaves, stars, hearts, resulting from cutting holes, can also be used as decorative elements. Before you get started, you can practice a draft. It is better not to use loose materials such as fabrics, paper towels or napkins, as they can ruin a hole punch. Prepare the right paper and let your imagination run wild!

Country China
In box Count
Package size 12 cm × 8.6 cm × 5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Metal, plastic
Themes Flower and vegetable
Trademark Art Pattern

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