Play tent "Tiger" with the tunnel, the color orange

Not available Play tent "Tiger" with the tunnel, the color orange
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Children's play tent will become an indispensable assistant and friend of the child at home. For the baby - this is such a place where he can retire with his toys and arrange everything the way he wants. The tent can be taken with you on vacation, because it folds compactly and stays in a convenient bag. Playing in it, the baby will definitely not get bored! A house made in the shape of a tiger is a great gift for both a boy and a girl.


The length of the tunnel is 41 cm.

The total length of the tent with the tunnel is 160 cm.

Age 3 years
Color Orange
Country China
Fabric Polyester
In box Count
Package size 115 cm × 115 cm × 115 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Textiles
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