Plastic - polymer clay 50 g chiffon Spring bud.

Not available Plastic - polymer clay 50 g chiffon Spring bud.
  • Brand: Artifact
  • Product Code: 1227202
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  • $8.64

Artifact is the first polymer clay manufacturer in Russia to produce high-quality and safe materials for modeling and modeling.

Artifact polymer clay has a chiffon effect. This translucent material has a gentle pastel tone and is highly durable. It mixes easily with other colors to create new and bright colors.

In appearance and flexibility, polymer clay is similar to plasticine, and after baking it turns into a hard plastic. With its help, you can make the smallest details. It is easy to work with polymer clay: you only need to mold and bake the product.

Burnt crafts stored for a long time. Finished products can be washed and wiped with a damp cloth. The composition of polymer clay is selected in such a way that it does not harden during storage, does not crumble or get dirty during molding, and does not break after baking. The material is safe, even a child can work with it.

Recommended for children from 5 years.

Color Green
Country Russia
Euro slot No
Features color Эффект шифон
In box Count
Of the product Polymer clay
Packing Package
Per package from 10 Count
Product features Bake
Set No
Structure Polymer clay
Trademark Artifact
Warehouse CVU 3
Weight, g 50

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