Piggy bank "Hippo rapper".

Piggy bank
  • $16.56

A piggy bank for a child will help parents in the educational process. Encourage the child with coins for good deeds: cleaning toys, completing assignments, learned poem. Invite him to put aside what he is dreaming of. So the baby will become more responsible, and the process of accumulating money will turn into a game.

A product with a funny animal will become a bright decoration of a children's room.

Clearance rhinestones No
Coating Lacquer
Color Colorful
Country Ukraine
Height, cm 27
In box Count
Kind of piggy Bank Disposable
Length cm 12
Material Ceramics
Package size 12 cm × 12 cm × 27 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Shape of the figure Other animals
Shape of the figure Hippo
Structure Ceramics
Trademark Керамика ручной работы
Warehouse Kiu 10
Width, cm 12

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