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Piggy bank "Eagle owl" is small.

Piggy bank
  • $20.38

Many people know that the owl has long been considered a symbol of wisdom and tranquility. If your accumulation process is not going well, get such an owl. She will help to postpone a certain amount and competently dispose of it.

Put the piggy bank-owl in a calm place, preferably next to the books. Give her maximum comfort, and she repay you.

Coating Lacquer
Color Colorful
Country Russia
Height, cm 25
In box Count
Kind of piggy Bank Disposable
Material Gypsum
Package size 25 cm × 17 cm × 10 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Shape of the figure Owl, owl
Shape of the figure Birds
SK WB. 2904356680009
Structure Gypsum
Trademark Good souvenirs
Warehouse Kiu 10
xml-generator-id 3

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