Photo frame Idea, 15x20 cm.

Photo frame Idea, 15x20 cm.
  • $135.38

Each photo is a reminder of some moment in life: joyful, touching, funny, but certainly - very important. That is why the most expensive and memorable pictures should not accumulate in piles in photo albums, but receive a decent frame. For this, the Idea photo frame, 15x20 cm, made at the famous Italian factory La Murrina Murano from Murano glass, is the best suited.

The secrets of making its various types are kept in the families of glassmakers and passed on from generation to generation. Each product coming out under this brand is blown by hand, which means that it does not have exact copies. Give yourself and your loved ones the brightest and warmest emotions with this unique photo frame!

A fixture Stand
Color Yellow
Country Италия
In box Count
Material Glass
Number of photos 1
Package size 11.5 cm × 24.5 cm × 13 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Size of the photo 15 x 20
Structure Murano glass
Theme of the party For no reason
Themes Interior
Trademark La Murrina Murano

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