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Pendant Feng Shui "Golden Carp"

Not available Pendant Feng Shui "Golden Carp"
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Feng Shui pendant will be your reliable assistant in achieving your goals. She will concentrate and strengthen the necessary aspect of your life, just activate it and carry it with you. You can put a pendant around your neck as a beautiful piece of jewelry or just put it in your wallet.

Pendant Feng Shui "Golden Carp" is the most powerful talisman. In feng shui, carp represents the symbol of spiritual development and good luck. And when good luck is with you, everything will turn out perfectly.

Base for pendant Lace
Color Gold
Country China
Handmade No
Hardware color Silver color
In box Count
Insert Metal
Package size 0.2 cm × 6 cm × 8.5 cm
Per package from 10 Count
Structure Metal, textiles
Theme of the party For no reason
Warehouse CVU 1

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