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Pendant Christmas "Santa Claus on the ball"

Not available Pendant Christmas "Santa Claus on the ball"
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Pendants with funny characters are a great decoration to create a merry Christmas mood. Pendant Christmas "Santa Claus on the ball" can be used as a decor for the holiday tree, and this accessory can also be hung on any other home decoration.

Wooden pendants are light and practical, they certainly will not break when dropped. And such a toy will be a wonderful New Year's gift, which can please everyone, all relatives and friends, and it will not hit your pocket.

Color MIX
Country China
Features With drawing
In box Count
Material Tree
Package size 0.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 10 cm
Per package by 12 Count
Set No
Structure Tree, textiles
Symbol of the year There is no symbol of the year
Theme of the party New year
Trademark Forest workshop
Type Santa Claus
Warehouse CVU 2

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