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Peeler 10 cm "Helper" MIX color

Not available Peeler 10 cm "Helper" MIX color
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What vegetables do you like to peel the least? Potatoes, carrots or maybe beets? Peeler 10 cm "Helper" MIX color will help to cope with the far from favorite part of the cook's work extremely quickly and easily.

Peeler 10 cm "Helper" MIX color is made of durable metal and durable plastic. You grip the compact model between the index and middle fingers and gently peel the peel of the vegetable or fruit. Such a device does not allow the product to slip out of hand and provides an excellent result.

Country China
Directory of VB Yes
Handle material Plastic
In box Count
Material Stainless steel
Package size 6 cm × 10 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Stainless steel, plastic
Warehouse CVU 4

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