Peat cartridge, 6 cells, 400 ml each, 9 × 9 cm.

Peat cartridge, 6 cells, 400 ml each, 9 × 9 cm.
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Looking to get a bountiful harvest? Then you just need a peat cartridge, 6 cells of 400 ml, 9 × 9 cm! As you know, the first days of the development of a plant determine its adult life and, accordingly, your crop. So that the results of your work meet expectations, we plant seedlings wisely !.

The best option is a peat pot. Why do we think so?

  • Porous walls provide an optimal water-air regime. There is no need to be afraid to "pour" seedlings anymore.
  • When planting in the soil, the roots of seedlings germinate through the bottom and walls of the cup.
  • Pots have sufficient strength in both dry and wet conditions. They can be transferred without fear.
  • 100% survival of seedlings when transplanting into open ground. The pot decomposes in the ground and serves as fertilizer.

Important to remember!.

  • Peat pots should not dry out! When the pot dries, the salts contained in the soil can crystallize and become a threat to the young shoot.
  • Arrange the pots as the plants grow for full aeration, lighting and to prevent weaving of seedlings.
  • Do not get seedlings from the pot! When planting a plant in the ground, bury it with a pot !.

Have a rich harvest and good shopping with Sima Land!

Cell volume, ml 400
Country Russia
In box set
Number of cells 6
Package size 29 cm × 19.5 cm × 10 cm
Per package by 39 set
Structure Торфо-древесная масса
Trademark Экоторф

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