Pan for a microwave oven 2.1 L, color MIX.

-31% Pan for a microwave oven 2.1 L, color MIX.
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Preheat a full meal in just a couple of minutes? For a frying pan - an impossible task. But with a pan for a microwave oven, there is nothing easier !.

Why exactly she ?.

Unlike many other analogues, the microwave pan is really suitable for heating food in microwave ovens, which means:

  • compounds that make up plastic do not get into food;.
  • electromagnetic waves do not harm food;.
  • the product is not deformed during operation.

Using the pan is not limited to heating food in the microwave, you can also put food in the refrigerator in it.

The product is made of food-grade plastic and is safe for health. It does not require special storage conditions.

Choose practicality!

Can be used in a microwave oven Yes
Capacity, l 2.1
Color MIX
Country Russia
Cover Yes
Figure No
Form Round
In box Count
Material Plastic
Package size 25 cm × 21 cm × 11 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Sealed cap No
Set No
Structure Plastic
Trademark Полимербыт
Warehouse CVU 4

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