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Netsuke bronze "Toad on the coins with the bowl"

Netsuke bronze "Toad on the coins with the bowl"
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Netsuke bronze "Toad on the coins with the bowl" is a very strong and popular symbol in the teachings of Feng Shui, which brings wealth, monetary fortune and prosperity.

Interesting facts about the three-legged toad :.

  • A traditional money toad has a Chinese coin in its mouth or a slot for it.
  • If a coin falls out of its mouth spontaneously - this is a sign of quick cash profit.
  • The toad loves water, so create comfortable conditions for it, put it in a fountain or an aquarium, if you can’t, bathe it periodically under running water.
  • The ideal location of the mascot is the southeastern sector, if it is an apartment, then a living room is desirable. Do not put her face to the door or window, otherwise she will take away the last money.
  • Before you put the talisman in the right place, talk to her, ask her for help. Read affirmations for money.
  • For additional activation of the money sector, decorate the zone with a money tree and a napkin. For an interesting and useful decor, you can arrange a small decorative fountain.

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Color Bronze
Country China
Form of Figure Toad
Height, cm 7
In box Count
Material Ltd
Package size 7 cm × 6 cm × 5 cm
Per package by 1 Count
Shape of the figure Frog
Structure Ltd
Warehouse CVU 3

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