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Netsuke bronze "Frog on Lotus"

Netsuke bronze "Frog on Lotus"
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To improve their material well-being, experts in the field of Feng Shui argue that the toad, as a symbol, attracts wealth to the house.

Evaluate the result using our simple tips. Firstly, find a zone of wealth and money in your home - this is the southeastern sector, the proper arrangement of which will help to quickly improve your financial situation. Secondly, put the guard of your budget in this zone - a toad.

And thirdly, the toad itself should be like a real one. It is desirable that the figurine was made in gold or bronze color, it is these colors that symbolize prosperity.

According to an ancient legend, a toad in Feng Shui with a coin in his mouth is practicing a lesson that the wise Buddha taught her for greed and malice. Now, the dirty toad in the past should always help people and bring them money by spitting out gold coins.

Color Bronze
Country China
Form of Figure Toad
Height, cm 6.5
In box Count
Material Ltd
Package size 6.5 cm × 6.5 cm × 7.5 cm
Per package by 1 Count
Shape of the figure Frog
Structure Ltd
Warehouse CVU 3

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