Necklace cast "Molvinets", brass

Necklace cast "Molvinets", brass
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The meaning of the amulet Molvinets is hidden in its name: it is intended to protect against evil rumors, rumors, evil words of ill-wishers who can jinx a person, cast disaster on him.

Since ancient times, people have treated the word as one of the strongest weapons that can be killed, or vice versa, resurrected, brought back to life. In a word, it is easy to offend a person, to harm his mental and even physical health.

The patron saint of the Slavic amulet of Molvinets is the god Rod, who identifies the strength of the family and the observance of centuries-old traditions.

The amulet will be useful to public people and leaders who, due to their work, often interact with people. He will be able to make your speech more convincing, help you choose the right words and not get confused by unexpected questions.

Base for pendant Without cord
Color Bronze
Country Russia
Handmade Yes
Hardware color Bronze
In box Count
Length cm 4.2
Material Bronze
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Structure Bronze
Warehouse CVU 1

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