Mitten bath combo

Mitten bath combo
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The mitten allows you to fearlessly succumb to the steam and close the damper of the furnace. In it, you can touch heated metal objects and use a broom. The product protects against cuts, burns and corns.

Such a bath accessory can massage the body. The peeling effect is achieved due to vigorous rubbing. Thanks to the stiff pile and hairs, dead skin particles are exfoliated and blood flow is increased.

Products are made several sizes larger than a person’s palm so that they can be easily removed and put on. After the procedures, hang the mitten by the eyelet and leave to dry. With proper care, the thing will last you a long time.

Country Russia
In box Count
Material Felt
Pattern type Missing
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
SK WB. 2900012281511
Structure Wool 30%, polyester 70%
Trademark Dobromirov
Warehouse CVU 1
Wool content 30%

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