Means "Aquastop" against blue-green algae, 100 ml.

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Conditioner for aquarium water "Aquastop" 100 ml is designed to create and maintain a safe, healthy environment in a freshwater aquarium by inhibiting the growth of blue-green algae.

Its action is based on lowering the pH of the water in the aquarium, that is, on creating conditions unfavorable for the existence of these algae.

Mode of application:.

  • The amount of conditioner in 1 bottle (100 ml of solution) is calculated for use in an aquarium with a water volume of 200 l, that is, 5 ml of this solution for every 10 l of aquarium water.
  • Before processing, clear blue-green algae from accessible surfaces of the aquarium using a scraper, sponge, etc.
  • Clean the aquarium water from the suspension of these algae using a siphon and an aquarium filter with suitable filter material, such as a fine-pore sponge.
  • Then filter media should be replaced.
  • After the mechanical cleaning of the aquarium, it is necessary to determine the amount of water in it, taking into account the volume occupied by soil, plants, decorative elements, equipment, etc. and calculate the required amount of air conditioning (5 ml per 10 l of water).
  • Dilute the required amount of air conditioning with fresh, settled water in a glass container with a capacity of 0.5-1 l.
  • Pour the prepared solution into the aquarium gradually, gently mixing the water.
  • Remove the aquarium lighting.
  • Within a month, carry out a gradual two-three one-time replacement of all aquarium water.
  • If necessary, after some time, the processing of the aquarium can be repeated.
  • Recommendations for use :.

    • With its gradual introduction into the aquarium, the pH value changes relatively sharply, which often causes painful conditions in the inhabitants. To prevent this side effect during the processing of the aquarium, its inhabitants can be moved to another tank.
    • Air conditioners retain their properties after freezing and thawing.
    • At low temperatures, precipitation may occur. To dissolve the precipitate before use, warm the conditioner to room temperature and shake vigorously.
    Country Russia
    In box Count
    Per package from 10 Count
    Rosscup Yes
    Structure Унифлор
    Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ +1
    Temp. the limitation is NOT HIGHER ℃ +30
    Trademark Зоомир
    Volume, ml 100
    Warehouse CVU 5

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