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Massager-tape, wood, 9 parts, MIX color

Not available Massager-tape, wood, 9 parts, MIX color
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  • $27.92

The packaging for the product is attached separately to avoid the influence of weather conditions on the structure of the tree during transportation.

With the help of massage, you can not only get rid of a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also make the skin more elastic and improve overall well-being. In order to monitor your health and constantly be in shape, it is not necessary to constantly visit the massage room.

It is enough to buy a massager, which will allow you to regularly carry out massage procedures, without spending a lot of time and money on it. Massager is an effective preventive measure.

Color Blue
Country China
In box Count
Massage Common
Material Tree
Package size 84 cm × 3 cm × 7.5 cm
Packing Package
Per package from 1 Count
Scope of For the back
Structure Tree, plastic
Trademark ONLITOP
Type of massager Massager belt
Warehouse CVU 3
xml-generator-id 41

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