Magnetic photo album 40 sheets in a box "Card", a MIX

Not available Magnetic photo album 40 sheets in a box "Card", a MIX
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In magnetic photo albums, the photo attachment system allows you to place several pictures of the same or different formats on the page. Such photo albums do not have pockets for a certain format of photographs, but instead of pages there is an adhesive transparent film fixed to the edge, which easily peels off the sheet, photos are laid out on the sheet, then they are covered with film and the film is smoothed out. So your pictures remain protected from damage, and the adhesive backing holds them in place. Moreover, you can change photos in such photo albums not once, but repeatedly.

We are always so pleased to recall the happiest moments of life captured in photographs. Therefore, a photo album is a universal gift for any holiday. It will be pleasant for your relatives, friends and acquaintances to place photos on this album.

Color Brown
Country China
Cover material Cardboard
In box Count
Material sheets Plastic
Number of sheets 40
Package size 5.5 cm × 27.5 cm × 30 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Cardboard
Theme of the party February 23
Themes Nautical theme

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