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"MAFIA 007" Board game masks

"MAFIA 007" Board game masks
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Action detective game.

"Mafia" is a famous psychological game with a detective story. She is popular all over the world! It is important to think quickly, plan and have excellent intuition. Once you have a role, find out who is who. Today we offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of the gambling business - into the world of casinos. The faces of the players are hidden under masks. Attention, we are starting !.

Everything is under suspicion !.

And even you! Players are given a card - this is their role for tonight, the rules of which must be followed. In the game, honest villagers come to grips with the criminal world. Everyone is trying to declassify the enemy. Some characters have special abilities, they also affect the game.

The course of the game.

The host announces the onset of night - everyone closes their eyes with special masks, which are included in the set, and "fall asleep." At the command of the host at night, certain individuals may wake up who kill or administer justice, depending on their goals. With the onset of morning, all the players wake up, and the discussion begins: who is to blame for the nightly atrocities ?.

What if. something happens ?.

This “Mafia” is unique, because it may happen “pogrom” or “blurred consciousness”. All these are cards with events that affect the course of the game. At any time, the presenter can lay out an event card, and then everyone will have to play by his rules. We also prepared 5 scenarios: different plot plotting will help to add variety and set the game a unique mood.

The kit includes :.

  • 10 masks.
  • 26 character cards.
  • 10 event cards.
  • regulations,.
  • 5 scenarios for the host.

Surrender, mafiosi, the super-spy is out hunting!

Age 18 years
Age category 18+
Country China
Game time 30 minutes
Genre of the game Mafia
In box Count
Media gallery Without media
Number of players And 6 more
Number of players 6 - 26
Package size 24.5 cm × 18.5 cm × 12 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game Adult holiday
Structure Paper, cardboard, plastic
Trademark LAS GAMES
Warehouse Kiu 11

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