LAVR diesel defroster, 450 ml, bottle.

Not available LAVR diesel defroster, 450 ml, bottle.
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  • Brand: LAVR
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The Disel De-Geller Action Thaw is an emergency aid for dissolving ice and paraffin crystals in solidified diesel fuel.

Its features :.

  • Defrosts filter, fuel lines and other elements of the fuel system.
  • Improves the low temperature properties of diesel fuel.
  • Safe for car fuel system.
  • Compatible with all types of diesel fuel.
  • Designed specifically for use in extreme climates.

Application :.

  • Disassemble a clogged fuel filter for fine and coarse cleaning.
  • If possible, remove frozen fuel from it.
  • Fill the inner cavity of the filter with a mixture of the drug and diesel fuel in a ratio of 1: 1. In case of a large amount of unremovable gel residue, use the drug without dilution.
  • Pour the rest of the defroster into the fuel tank at the rate of 100 ml per 10-20 l of fuel. After 15-20 minutes, start the run.
  • Use LAVR antigels to prevent fuel solidification.

    Country Russia
    In box Count
    Per package from 1 Count
    Structure See packaging
    Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ Zero
    Trademark LAVR
    Type capacity Bottle
    Volume 300 ml - 500 ml
    Warehouse CVU 7

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