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Laser with 5 heads, a flashlight "Smiley", a MIX

Not available Laser with 5 heads, a flashlight "Smiley", a MIX
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  • $2.94

Laser is a high-tech novelty in the world market. A very bright beam is clearly visible in the dark or in fog. Even in the daytime, the red dot from the beam is visible at great distances.

This is not all, do not forget that laser with 5 heads, a flashlight "Smiley", a MIX is also a convenient fashionable keychain that allows you to store a bunch of keys in one place.

Remember! Do not direct the beam into the eyes during work or play, as this may result in irreversible damage to health.

Battery powered Yes
Color MIX
Country China
In box Count
Material Metal
Package size 16.5 cm × 6.2 cm × 1.5 cm
Per package by 18 Count
Structure Metal, plastic
Warehouse CVU 3

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