Interior Lighting

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Aroma lamp "Butterflies" G5.3 11.5x11.5x24cm.

This small detail will add coziness and warmth to your home. Thing 2 in 1: functional lamp and aroma..


Aroma lamp "Lotus" E27 14x14x30 cm.

Aroma lamp "Lotus" is made in the Art Nouveau style. Suitable for those who often do procedures with..


Aroma lamp with switch 16014/1 G4 20W black 11.5x11.5x25 cm.

This little detail will add comfort and warmth to your home. A 2-in-1 thing: functional light and ar..


Blue desk lamp with clothespin Blue, with dimmer.

Table lamp on a blue clothespin blue, with a dimmer - a great assistant for adults and children stu..


Interior Lighting