Inflatable sled Bubinga color: orange

Inflatable sled Bubinga color: orange
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Bubing is a unique inflatable sled, which has one very important difference from conventional tubing. To inflate it, you do not need a pump, but just a couple of strokes in the air on the slope itself and it is ready to use.

Agree it is very convenient and immediately solves a lot of problems. Imagine you are taking along several ordinary tubings at once, it will be almost impossible to fit them in a car, and if it all happened, then there will definitely be no place for family or friends. Bubbing can be inflated only before descending from the mountain, and just before blowing into a car, simply deflate.


  • Maximum load: 150 kg.
  • Length: 100 cm.
  • Width: 100 cm.
  • Height: 35 cm.
  • Weight (with bag): 2 kg.
  • Backpack height: 35 cm.
  • Backpack width: 25 cm.
  • Backpack length: 25 cm.
  • Holds air for more than 6 hours.

The kit includes: Bubing with a company tag, a loop for a tow rope, a tow rope, a stylish carrying bag, instructions, warranty.

Colors Solid
Country Russia
In box Count
Material (top/bottom) Oxford/tent
Max load, kg 150
Maximum allowable weight, kg 150
Per package from 1 Count
Size, cm 100
Structure Tent, oxford

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