Inertial car "Roy".

Inertial car
  • Brand: POLI
  • Product Code: 103249
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Inertial toys will be interesting for both boys and girls.

The toy has an inertial mechanism inside, which triggers if you just roll it back and release it - the toy will go.

The inertial Roy machine 83180 will help the baby develop imagination, coordination, color perception, tactile sensations and fine motor skills of hands, as well as an understanding of the principles of movement: the child just needs to pull the toy back and it will begin to roll forward gaily.

Age 3 years
Color Red
Country China
In box Count
Inertia Yes
License Yes
Material Plastic
Movement type Inertia
Package size 8 cm × 5 cm × 7 cm
Packing Box
Per package from 1 Count
Purpose of the transport Fire protection
Series Robocar Poli
Structure Plastic
Trademark POLI
Transport Ground
Transport Truck

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