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Icon on the stand "the Cross"

Not available Icon on the stand "the Cross"
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The souvenir consists of a plastic frame with glass in which an Orthodox prayer printed on paper is inserted. There is a stand on the back. Such an icon looks really beautiful and will be a wonderful gift protecting your home and your loved ones.

What helps :.

The cross is the main symbol of Christianity, the symbol of Victory and the instrument of our Salvation. He existed long before the birth of Jesus Christ and always had sacred meaning and spiritual strength.

Each time, dawning on ourselves with the sign of the Cross, we draw in the air the image of the cross, reverently and inexpressibly grateful, recalling the voluntary feat of Jesus Christ, who through his earthly death atoned for the original sin of mankind and gave people hope of salvation.

“The cross is always for believers a great power, delivering from all kinds of evils, especially from the villainy of hated enemies,” writes the holy righteous John of Kronstadt.

Country China
Height, cm 17
In box Count
Material Glass
Package size 1.5 cm × 8 cm × 17 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Saints The Cross Of The Lord
Structure Glass
Triptych No
Warehouse Kiu 11
Width, cm 8

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